The inspirational force and principal behind ZSE Home Couture is Zsuzsanna Rudolf. Zsuzsanna comes to Sarasota with 25 years of experience as a Master Seamstress. Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, she has been madly attracted to fashion since the time she could walk. After graduating Vamos Illona College in Budapest with a degree in fashion design, Zsuzsanna moved to Sydney, Australia where her work focused on the design and fabrication of home decor. The next 25 years were spent in San Francisco with a design studio on Union Square, creating fashion and home couture for corporate and private clients including Macy’s, Gumps, William and Sonoma, Prada and Jimmy Choo.

Supported by a staff of talented design professionals, ZSE Home Couture is dedicated to creating world class products and design services along with outstanding customer service.